Remote Setting Aquaculture Program

The Remote Setting Aquaculture (RSA) program is intended to offer new and active Maryland lease holders with the necessary training, equipment and materials to produce their own oysters. Program participants will have access to remote setting equipment, larvae, shell, technical expertise and other supporting services. The program is not intended to enable a leaseholder to produce all the oysters for their given lease(s) as required by the State.

The oyster production portion of the program is anticipated to operate from June to August in two week increments at seven sites around the Bay. Sites are located in Piney Point, Kent Narrows, Sherwood, Cambridge, Elliott Island, Deal Island and Crisfield. Priority will be given to new participants. The RSA program is privately funded by the Ratcliffe Foundation and administered by the Maryland Seafood Cooperative. To sign up for the program or get more information about participation guidelines and pricing, contact Shannon Hood at 410-490-0956 / or visit


All leaseholders may access the RSA program facilities on a first come, first serve basis

  • New participants have priority over Other Leaseholders
  • Available to purchase larvae and shell with technical assistance and expertise provided by program staff.


There is a cost to maintain and operate the remote setting tanks. Tank rental will be waived for new participants, qualified RST participants and MDSC members. All other leaseholders will be charged $50 per tank per set. Checks should be made out to MD Seafood Cooperative.


Larvae may be purchased from the hatchery of the leaseholder's choosing. Leaseholders are responsible for securing their own larvae, and Hood will provide assistance in identifying appropriate strains, densities, etc.  For your convenience, a few Maryland hatcheries are listed below. Larvae may be imported from out of state, but a Permit to Import Shellfish From Out-of-State is required.  This application may be completed online at The list of hatcheries listed below is not a complete list of potential larvae sources. For a complete list of hatcheries, please visit:


Ferry Cove Shellfish


Contact: Steven Weschler

Phone: 410 886 1006


Hoopers Island Oyster Company


Contact: Stephanie Wiegand

Phone: 443 257 7597


Horn Point Oyster Hatchery


Contact: Stephanie Alexander

Phone: 410 221 8357


Piney Point Aquaculture Center


Contact: James Dumhart

Phone: 301 994 0241


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