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The Maryland Seafood Co-op was formed in 2017 to unite, empower, and support our local watermen community with the goal of providing them with supplemental and sustainable economic opportunities. Currently, our members produce, purchase, market, and distribute Oysters from member-and-Co-op-managed leased areas to the retail market

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Through a streamlined, cost-efficient process, Co-op members are able to maximize profits and meet the demand for local, responsibly sourced seafood. Our goal is for the Maryland Seafood Co-op to make a positive impact on fisheries and the overall health of the Chesapeake Bay through innovative fishing practices. With 21 member-owners, the Maryland Seafood Co-op is able to provide local communities with the freshest seafood and oysters.

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Following the generations of watermen before them, our Maryland Seafood Co-op members have immense knowledge of oyster cultivation, sustainable oyster farming techniques, and the Bay.  For our watermen, the Chesapeake Bay isn’t just a scenic estuary; it’s a way of life. Their commitment to carrying on the legacy of this iconic profession and engaging future aquaculturalists will have lasting environmental and economic impacts. The majority of Maryland Seafood Co-op members are leaders in their respective watermen communities, and many have other full-time professions or run their own successful seafood-related businesses. Read more about some of the hardworking watermen and aquaculturalists in your community!

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